Web Applications

Website, mobile app or business solution - we develop web applications of all sizes.

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Admin As A Service

We design your IT infrastructure and ensure it’s running stable and secure via remote system administration.

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IT-Solutions for Engineering

You want to improve and automize your engineering processes through IT? We know both worlds and are happy to support.

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We analyse your business processes, define required project scopes and evaluate 3rd party offers.

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Our Portfolio

While IT solutions are intended to facilitate operations, in practice they often turn nightmarish. All-round solutions for the entirety of operational procedures sometimes do not meet specific requirements, or are so bulky as to cause employees without advanced training or access to comprehensive support to lose their bearing. Moreover they tend to be uneconomic for small and medium-sized businesses. The common alternative is a patchwork of solutions that do not interoperte properly, in-house development in the form of Excel files or similar, which impede collaboration and whose structure are only comprehensible to the employees who created them. We analyze your operational procedures and endeavor to find solutions – for example via tools to convert incompatible formats, or via internal web services with user account management for transparent collaboration. These solutions conform exactly to your specific expectations.

Various forms of data collection, such as surveys or complex measuring systems, deliver a flood of data whose usable interpretation is not always evident. We develop tools for the automated evaluation of large sets of data, and use web technologies to generate attractive presentations for both web and print documentation you can utilize for your internal processes as well as with presenting data in context to your customers. We are capable of working with big data technologies like Haadoop or Elasticsearch.

Visions want to be presented. For this purpose, web technologies provide rather more opportunities than just showing catalog pictures on a screen. We develop modern web applications with attractive responsive design and specific interactive functionality. By utilizing a web API on the server, we can provide so-called one-page-websites than can be used without waiting for the page to reload with every klick, and establish the base for extending your offerings to cross-platform applications on mobile operating systems. Our core team has experienced frontend developers for this purpose, and we can draw on design expertise, and of course also work with your experts in this area.

Sometimes, in-house development is not the right choice. Customers may bring proven systems. We have experience with e-commerce systems like Shopware and JTL-Shop, as well as CMS systems like Wordpress, joomla, or Typo3. As necessary, we develop templates or customize existing ones. In addition, we can extend functionality by developing plugins.

We will support you in designing multimedia displays for trade shows. We will not be limited in our creativity. For instance, touch screens can be utilized to render an interactive experience of your products and to collect potential customer contacts. We will assist with any IT challenges related to your display booth, such as microcontroller-operated demonstrations or lighting.

Web applications optimized for mobile devices reach their limitations when data should be store locally to the device, or when functionality specific to a device needs to be accessed. Our web solutions can easily be ported to apps for all common platforms. Our cross-platform approach is efficient yet allows for native look-and-feel.

Quality software development can only be successful when technical expertise is organized by well thought-out development methodology. This is one of our focus areas. Our project teams are structured horizontally. Our project management system and assorted communication tools foster transparency in order that the developers always keep their focus on the project as a whole and the demands of our customers. We align ourselves to so-called "agile software development", striving for uncluttered, tight collaboration. Collectively, we analyze customer requirements and organize development into manageable work packages, which make the nascent project tangible to you and allows for timely feedback. We own certifications of ITIL, Prince2 and Scrum.

Growth, change, migration, outsourcing services to external providers or into a data center – all of this requires careful planning and goal-driven implementation. Our admin team will assist you with storage systems, databases, web services, mail systems, groupware, network management and hardware. We like open source software, but are aware of industry standards and accounting systems available only on Windows or MacOS. We can offer long-term service contracts, yet we are pragmatic and like to make ourselves superfluous. Our customers appreciate this and still come back for more.