Privacy Policy

General information and obligatory information

Responsible contact

The responsible contact for privacy on this webpage is:


Revocation of your agreement to data processing

Only with your explicit agreement some data processing operations are possible. A revocation of your agreement is possible at any time. For revocation an informal email notice is enough. Legality of data processing till revocation is not touched by revocation.

Right of information, correction, suspension, deletion

All the time framed by legal regulations you have the right to get informed about the personal data, the origin of data, the receipents and the purpose of data processing and if applicable a right of correction, suspension or deletion of that data. Concerning this and also concerning further questions regarding the topic of personal data you can always contact us via the means of contact displayed here.

Right of data transfer

You have the right to transfer data, which we process automatically during contract fullfilment or according to your agreement, to you or a third party. The data is transfered in a machine readable form. If you request data transfer to a third party, this is only fullfilled, if it is technically possible.

Right of appeal to a responsible authority

As person concerned in case of a violation for reasons of data protection you have the right to appeal at the responsible inspecting authority. Responsiple inspecting authority is the county's data security official of the county the company is registered at.

For the county Schleswig-Holstein:

SSL- and TLS-encryption

For reasons of security and protection of confidential content sended to the site owner this website uses TLS-encryption. With this encryption data which is send to this website is not visible to third parties. You recognize an encrypted connection by the "https://" in your browser's address bar.


In case of contacting the data provided by the user is saved for working on the request and better reaction on following requests.

A data is not transmitted any further unless accepted or requested by yourself.

Legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b DSGVO, which allows data processing for contract fullfillment or means precedent to the contract.