About Us

We are a young company that was established out of a loose association of freelance programmers in the fields of information technology, engineering and natural sciences. Our core-team works remotely though a virtual office. Besides that we built up and have access to a vast network consisting of freelancers with diverse skills in IT-related areas.

UNI:CODE is owned by its employees, business decisions are taken democratically. Sustainability and the responsible usage of technology are important to us. That’s why we support initiatives for social change and the open-source-movement.


Pavel Dahncke


  • Monitoring
  • Infrastruktur (as code)
  • Konfigurationsmanagement
  • Datenbanken
  • Microcontroller

Veronika Plass

Client Service/Web Developer

  • Web-Applications
  • UX/UI Design

Dipl. Ing. Niels Reich


  • Backend-Applications
  • Single-Page-Applications
  • Projektmanagement
  • Infrastruktur
  • Konfigurationsmanagement
  • Composite

Henning Schumann, M.Sc.


  • Web-Applications
  • Backend-Applications
  • Machine Learning
  • Elasticsearch / Solr

Florian Weps


  • Deployment
  • Administration
  • DevOps

Our Network

Diverse IT-related skill

The strength of our company lies in the integration of an extensive network of associate experts. In this way we combine commitment and long-term cooperation with the flexibility and broad expertise of freelancers.

Nevertheless we are not an anonymous recruitment firm, but we foster the exchange within our network through in-house communication tools, by organizing regular meetings in various cities, and by offering nation-wide meetups for professional interchange and establishing contacts.

  • Programming: C, C++, C#, .NET, Python, Java, Bash, Perl, R, Powershell, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Haskell, Node.js
  • Javascript Frameworks: jQuery, Angular, VueJS, pixi.js
  • CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3, Contenido, Shopware, WooCommerce, Magento, XTCommerce, Drupal, Zope/Plone
  • Data Bases: MySql, MongoDB, InfluxDB, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Solr
  • Cloud Systems: Openstack, AWS, Azure
  • Cluster Systems: Hadoop
  • Other: SCRUM, Prince2, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, Projcet Management, Coaching, Marketing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Linux-/Windows-Systemadministration, Embedded systems